MaxKnowledge offers over 200 self-paced online courses each providing 4 hours of continuing education credits. Participants can enroll in any course at any time to meet their individual training needs. Completion of each online course provides participants with a professional development recognition badge and a certificate of completion, Participants who successfully complete 12 courses in a job category earn the Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) credential for that category. Some job categories include a core training area.

CHEP certification is available in the following areas:

  • CHEP in Teaching
  • CHEP in Online Teaching
  • CHEP in Admissions
  • CHEP in Career Services
  • CHEP in Campus Operations
  • CHEP in Leadership

CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any job category. Institutions that provide training opportunities for their employees to earn and maintain the CHEP certification may display the appropriate Institutional Recognition Seals on their websites. Certified professionals receive a Certificate and a Digital Badge to share and showcase their achievements.