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We have been using the high-quality training courses delivered through MaxKnowledge since 2009. These courses and the CHEP certifications enhance our instructors’ abilities to teach in the classroom and online and is a key component in our ongoing strategy to deliver academic excellence.

Graham Nott
Sr. Vice President of Academic Affairs
Concorde Career Colleges

MaxKnowledge offers over 200 self-paced online courses to support the employee development needs of career education institutions. Subscribing institutions receive unlimited access to all courses for their participating employees with an online panel to track employee training activities. Participants can enroll in any course at any time to meet their individual training needs. Completion of each online course provides participants with a professional development recognition badge and a certificate of completion with 4 hours of continuing education credits.

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At no additional cost, MaxKnowledge provides several options for institutions to offer a comprehensive, virtual professional development program for their employees. Below is a summary of the available options, which can be adopted as a whole or in any desired combination.

Participants who successfully complete 12 courses in a job category earn the Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) credential for that category. Some job categories require completion of a number of core courses.

The CHEP certification is awarded by Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU), an international association representing the voice and vision of postsecondary career education. Certification is available in the following areas:

  • CHEP in Teaching
  • CHEP in Online Teaching
  • CHEP in Admissions
  • CHEP in Career Services
  • CHEP in Campus Operations
  • CHEP in Leadership

CHEPs can meet their annual continuing education requirements by completing 2 courses from any job category. Institutions that provide training opportunities for their employees to earn and maintain the CHEP certification may display the appropriate institutional recognition seals on their websites. Certified professionals receive a CHEP certificate with an embedded digital badge to share and showcase their achievements.

MaxKnowledge badges are powered by open badge technology. Institutions that have adopted open badges and open pathways can select any of MaxKnowledge course badges on learning pathways toward their own institutional credentials. This allows institutions to recognize MaxKnowledge course badges as knowledge-based assessments and combine them seamlessly with their own skills-based assessments to award evidence-based professional development credentials. In conjunction with an adopting institution, MaxKnowledge has been honored by the 1EdTech Consortium as a Learning Impact Award Finalist for scaling pedagogical knowledge and practice through evidence-based technology.

Each course provides participants with peer-to-peer learning opportunities through a specific performance group created within the Career Ed Lounge, an online learning community of career education professionals sponsored by MaxKnowledge. This allows participants to learn and share with their peers at any time they want, even after they complete the course. Each performance group brings participants from related courses together to enable interaction and learning surrounding a specific competency area. Participants receive a daily digest of activities in their performance groups with the ability to turn off notifications from any group.

Designated coaches and mentors from institutions can follow their peers in the Career Ed Lounge to review their posts online and via daily digests. This allows coaches/mentors to respond to posts at their discretion and act as facilitators of learning and development for their peers. Additionally, administrators who have access to the institutional “Key Panel” can share user activity reports with coaches/mentors.

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) tool is available to help participants identify their performance goals and link their professional development activities to their identified goals. This interactive tool provides a guided process to help participants achieve their performance goals and assess their accomplishments. The IDP is incorporated in each course to prompt participants to identify and add specific performance goals to their IDP based on their learning experiences in the course.

Participants can use the IDP tool to capture all their developmental activities, online or offline. They can also upload portfolio evidence to their IDP. Participants can download their professional development summary for any period, automating the documentation process for accrediting and regulatory agencies.

Institutions with 200+ participating employees can request their own branded and customized institutional portal. This enterprise solution provides additional admin tools to help designated administrators assign, manage and track training activities with advanced campus-based and institution-wide reporting features. In collaboration with an adopting institution, an independent evaluation study by the ROI Institute® proved the ROI of MaxKnowledge training on student retention and institutional outcomes. Visit Center for Excellence in Education to learn more about the features and benefits of our enterprise solution.

Subscription Program with Unlimited Access to All Courses View Pricing