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July 6, 2009
MaxKnowledge CEO Selected as Top Innovator

Irvine, CA, July 6, 2009 - Career College Central, the definitive voice of the career college sector of higher education, selects MaxKnowledge CEO as a Top Innovator.

Career College Central put out a call for the most innovative executives in the career college sector and Dr. Amir Moghadam, President and CEO of MaxKnowledge, was selected among the top innovators.

The innovators were named in a special issue of the Career College Central magazine ("The Innovation Issue") in which Kevin Kuzma, Editor of Career College Central, wrote: "These executives leapt forward with ideas that have influenced the higher education realm. They have not only adapted to change, but inspired it. Welcome to the forefront of out-of-the box thinking and creativity. We made our selections. You made yours via our web site. Our innovation is bringing them together."

The full feature story is available from Career College Central. The extract below includes the Editor's commentary, the list of top innovators, and the interview with Dr. Moghadam.

Top Innovators - Extracted from the Career College Central magazine

About MaxKnowledge
MaxKnowledge is a leading employee training provider for higher education institutions. We offer a wide range of online professional development and continuing education opportunities for the faculty, staff and administrators of postsecondary colleges and universities. Our mission is to maximize performance of educational operations through effective employee development solutions. For more information, visit:

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