Professional Certification

CEE participants who have successfully completed a series of twelve training courses in a specific concentration area will receive the designation of Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP).

  • Leadership
  • Campus Operations
  • Admissions
  • Career Services
  • Teaching
  • Online Teaching

CEE subscribed institutions may display the appropriate Institutional Recognition Seals on their websites based on their areas of CHEP participation. Certified professionals receive a Certificate and a Digital Badge to share and showcase their achievements.

The CHEP certification recognizes employees of career education institutions who strive for excellence in their respective positions. The primary goal of this certification program is to enable institutions to develop high performing, compliant, and ethical employees to better serve students. The CHEP designation is awarded upon successful completion of forty eight hours of approved training and CHEPs are required to complete eight hours of approved training annually to maintain their certification. CEE is an approved training provider.
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