Lifelong Learning Initiative

CER Subscribers: Enroll any of your employees in a CHEP program and they will receive free digital subscription to CER. Employees who maintain their CHEP status will be provided continued access to CER year after year!

Each certification program offers a selection of self-paced online courses. MaxKnowledge awards a certificate of completion and 4 hours of continuing education credits for completion of each course.

The CHEP certification is awarded by the Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) upon completion of 12 courses (48 hours of training) in selected specialization area.

You must purchase CHEP programs via this site to be eligible for CER’s Lifelong Learning Initiative. Your participating employees will receive digital access to CER when they start their training at MaxKnowledge. Subscription access information will be automatically sent to each employee via email.

To maintain the CHEP certification and CER digital subscription, CHEPs must complete two MaxKnowledge courses (8 hours of continuing education) annually.