ML105 - Managing Workplace Challenges


As your organization grows, further develops and changes, challenges among your workers will naturally surface. Addressing these challenges constructively will yield positive benefits to employee morale , workplace climate and productivity. This course focuses upon four key areas of workplace challenges: difficult interactions, change, crisis situations and stress. Tips are provided on how to recognize the identifiers of these four areas and techniques are presented to systematically plan for, manage and resolve the challenges associated with them.

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Course Reviews

Course Rating
"Throughout my experience as a career college administrator and educator, I have found that some management and leadership courses, such as ML105, are especially relevant to those tasked with leading their career school organizations during challenging times. The course's four key areas are of great practical interest to today's career college leaders, particularly with current economic conditions and the challenges they create. Additionally, the course's learning activities, discussion forums and assessments go beyond mere lecture content and work together to provide a twenty-four by seven, interactive learning environment. Such interaction cements knowledge at a higher level and helps to transfer concepts and applications to the workplace."
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Course Structure

Course Format

  • Can Start Anytime
  • Self-paced (within course enrollment timeframe)
  • Faculty Support (facilitator/coach)

Course Length

  • 4 Hours of Activities
  • 4 Weeks to Complete the Course
  • Can Finish Faster

Completion Requirements

  • Study Course Content
  • Participate in Forum Discussions *
  • Pass ALL Required Quizzes
  • Complete Online Course Survey

* You are required to participate in the course forum. We will assess the level of your discussion activity in the forum and may request an additional opportunity to engage you further in the discussion process prior to your certificate being awarded.

Technology Requirements

  • A Web browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Speakers or headphones

Course Objectives

Module 1:

  • Decide which types of situations are worth investing time and energy to resolve.
  • Overcome barriers to action.
  • Identify the interpersonal differences that trigger difficult interactions.
  • Productively discuss the emotions that difficult interactions can raise.
  • Design solutions that satisfy your and the other party's most important interests and concerns.
  • Coach your direct reports to help them learn to resolve difficult interactions.

Module 2:

  • Recognize the different types of change programs observed in organizations.
  • Prepare your unit or group to become change-ready.
  • Understand a systematic approach for creating and implementing change.
  • Recognize the importance of communicating throughout all phases of a change effort.
  • Understand and address people's reactions to change.
  • Take care of yourself during a change program.

Module 3:

  • Avoid a crisis through planning.
  • Prepare to manage crises you can't avoid.
  • Recognize a crisis and contain it before it spreads even further.
  • Resolve a crisis in the most effective way.
  • Learn from past crises.
  • Take care of yourself during a crisis.

Module 4:

  • Understand the problem of excessive stress and worry in the workplace.
  • Identify ways to manage your own stress.
  • Develop strategies for turning worry into action.
  • Let your body help you deal with stress.
  • Practice good stress habits.
  • Help others deal with excess stress and toxic worry.


Completion of this Course:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • 4 Hours of Continuing Education

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