ED104 - Class Management Strategies

This course provides methods and techniques for managing students and class activities. We start by reviewing the steps instructors need to follow as they introduce a class to new students. We then discuss strategies to effectively deal with unfocused and challenging students. The course ends by describing common mistakes made by instructors and ways to avoid them.


Course Reviews

Course Rating
"I have been encouraged by this course. It touched on many aspects of my experience."
"I have used some of the things presented in this course and I feel it has made me a better instructor."
"The course covered the material in adequate depth and the knowledge gained will be useful in my career. Thank you."
"I have been teaching for almost 7 years and am considered an excellent instructor (95% or better rating) and this course included several points that I am definitely incorporating into my course design. Thank you very much. "
"I found this to be a very valuable course. Classroom management is key to the effectiveness and success of an instructor!!!"
"Very informative and helpful."
"Absolutely fabulous! I felt like I was challenged and learned important information that I can effectively implement in the classroom."
"As a new intsructor I related to much in this course. I developed new ideas and took notes in areas that were especially applicable. Thank you for a job well done."
"This course was very beneficial to my understanding of psychology of students who attend Career Colleges. It helped me to understand that my previous communication methods to deal with challenging students were not as effective as I had expected to be. I learned new techniques/methods as to how I should be dealing/communicating with angry students as well as students who are not motivated to learn."
"The course was excellent. The course provided tips and strategies that every instructor should try to implement into their learning plan."
"Course was delivered very well. It followed the practices of good teaching methods in: anticipatory set (setting the stage for the subject matter), clear objectives, well-structured format, checking for understanding often, providing for a summative evaluation, and surveying the students as to the effective of the course."
"I thought this course was one of the most valuable I have taken thus far. Being a public shool teacher also, this was a great refresher. I plan to re-apply a few of these concepts that I seemed to have overlooked after several years of teaching. "
"Being fairly new to teaching, this course helped me a lot in understanding how to relate to the students."
"Very, very helpful! I am quite positive that what I just learned from the course will help me deal with very difficult or challenging students more effectively. "
"Great for new instructors and as a refresher for seasoned instructors."
"This material was helpful.It was helpful to see some of the other instructors comments."
"This information was very helpful, and gave me good ideas about how to do some things differently next term. I know content and lots of pedagogy, but this addressed practical issues. Thanks very much for the opportunity to learn!"
"Great Course! I love watching the Harvard Business School Videos!!! "
"The topics in this course are great for new instructors, even experienced ones because it helps us to remember how to handle situations and how staying prepared is crutial."
"I've been working within the online environment for various universities as an adjunct for 10 years. A lot has happened ever since, especially with the professional development of online instructors. It is very refreshing to see the depth of content and the well composed continuing education courses by CEE. Its obvious CEE practices what they preach. I find myself coaching and consulting with other universities on how to convert classroom content to online courses based on my experience but ED104 has not only helped me better structure my approach but it has also helped me provide more depth in my own dealings with online students."
"A Great course with Great tips on improvement for my future teachings!"
"Very useful course. I'll recommend it to other instructors."
"I enjoyed this class. I will share this information with new instructors. The portion on common mistakes new instructors make is very applicable."
"I have been bragging to other professionals about how great this training experience was-thanks!"
"Great course! It covers a ton of information that is helpful for new and seasoned instructors on how to manage classroom situations."
"The course reinforced much of what I have already learned through actual teaching experience, related training and professional development and formal education and studies on Adult and Education/Learning. I feel it also did contribute some additional content skills that will help me to be a more effective and competent instructional delivery expert (IDE) and classroom. "
"This course was very informative and beneficial to my teaching career. In addition, it was relevant. I really enjoyed the course content. "
"Awesome course, I needed it and will apply to my career as an instructor, thank you!"
"I enjoyed this course and plan on implementing what I learned!"
"Well written course - enjoyed the videos too."
"This course really helped me see what I could improve on myself when teaching my students. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues."
"As a new instructor this course has been very helpful to me. Thank you."
"I enjoyed this course because the material is 100% relevant to what I will be doing as an instructor. It had some great ideas and ways to manage the class and had a lot of specifics about certain types of students. I feel I learned quite a bit with this course and am excited to begin to put into practice what I have learned."
"I thought the course was great and very informational. Being a new instructor, I thought the information was relevant and it really made me think about how I have conducted my class thus far. Thank you."
"I found the course information VERY helpful and will most definitely use. "

Course Structure

Course Format

  • Can Start Anytime
  • Self-paced (within course enrollment timeframe)
  • 4 Hours of Activities

Completion Requirements

  • Study Course Content
  • Pass ALL Required Quizzes

Certificate of Completion

  • 4 Hours of Continuing Education
  • Available for download at the end of the course

Technology Requirements

  • A Web browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Speakers or headphones

Course Objectives

Module 1: Setting the Stage for Success

  • Identify the characteristics of an instructional delivery expert.
  • Create clear and specific course requirements and procedures.
  • Handle late and missing assignment situations.

Module 2: Dealing with Challenging Students

  • Identify the different categories of challenging students.
  • List ways of working with challenging students.
  • Use the strategies suggested for working with challenging students.

Module 3: Managing Student Behavior

  • List ways of becoming an effective monitor.
  • Describe the characteristics of silent, angry and cheating students.
  • Use the strategies suggested for working with profiled students.

Module 4: Common Instructor Mistakes

  • Identify reasons for instructor mistakes.
  • Identify areas where mistakes are commonly made.
  • Plan ways to avoid common mistakes.

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